Mitsubishi Sales Jump 8 Percent in 2013

2014 is here, but Mitsubishi is still celebrating 2013, as the company saw sales increases of 8 percent year-over-year and sales up a whopping 56.2 percent versus 2012 numbers. These figures are certainly impressive. Read on to learn more about how Mitsubishi managed to impress consumers this year:

The brand's top sales performer for 2013 was the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, which was given the "Best All-Around Performance Award" from the Automotive Science Group. It increased its sales by one-third versus December 2012 numbers. Another success of 2013 was the Mitsubishi Mirage, which is all-new for the 2014 model year, and is proving to be rather popular already thanks to its stylish exterior design and high-tech features.

Mitsubishi is proud of its success, and it believes that sales will continue to increase. As MMNA President and CEO Yoichi Yokozawa explains, "This marked MMNA’s best December sales in seven years. Our sales were up 27 percent July through December compared to the prior year, so we are pleased to take tremendous momentum into the New Year."1Yokozawa also states he believes that customers are growing in confidence about the safety and efficiency found in Mitsubishi vehicles.

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Mitsubishi Sales Jump 8 Percent in 2013 - Universal Mitsubishi

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