Choosing the Right Tires Can Take the Wind Out of You — Universal Mitsubishi is Here to Clear the Air

There's a new set of wheels for every situation Mother Nature and the rules of the road can throw at you. Your options, to wit, are just as diverse as everything from your driving habits to the geographic and climatic conditions where you live to the seasons that determine them. Which tires are right for your vehicle, and when? Take advantage of a little bit of background to get a good feel for going down that road.
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Don’t Let Car Repair Needs Hound Your End-of-Summer Trip – Stay on Schedule with Regular Maintenance

The dog days of summer can leave a sizable impression on your Mitsubishi car or SUV, and as our automaker designs and builds with longevity in mind, problems that arise from wear and tear can be hard to spot. That's why it's important to stay on top of a schedule as pertains keeping it up to performance spec. Take advantage of a few pieces of helpful service advice from our car repair experts.
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Signs You Need Brake Repair

The brakes are a very important part of the car. You probably realized this the first time that you had to stop the car suddenly to avoid running a red light, avoid hitting a pedestrian, or another vehicle. Of course, over time, the brakes on a car are going to wear out. The brakes will require repair or complete replacement at a service center. What are the signs that you need brake repair? Read the following.
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Quick-Glo, Rust and Glendale Mitsubishi’s Service Center

We all know the moment of panic when we look in the mirror and see our first wrinkle, the first sign of age, the first sign that things are only going downhill from here. Thoughts of mid-life crises, of impending endings, of 401Ks. At Glendale Mitsubishi, we may not be able to fix the forehead wrinkles of the Glendale region, but we can fix those picky wrinkles on your car.
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