Choosing the Right Tires Can Take the Wind Out of You — Universal Mitsubishi is Here to Clear the Air

There's a new set of wheels for every situation Mother Nature and the rules of the road can throw at you. Your options, to wit, are just as diverse as everything from your driving habits to the geographic and climatic conditions where you live to the seasons that determine them. Which tires are right for your vehicle, and when? Take advantage of a little bit of background to get a good feel for going down that road.

All-season tires are designed for balanced performance year-round and to provide an alternative to winter-time tire changes. They're flexible and thus durable enough at freezing temperatures, but lack some traction through similar weather conditions. Plus, if you find yourself regularly fording deeper water and doing so at higher speeds, you'll need the right tread pattern for the job, which you'll find in all-season tires, but more so in their more-specific sibling, summer tires.

Summer tires can also be called three-season tires, but seasonal name aside, these are what most standard tires go by. Are the roads of your local often damp or wet? their stickier and softer tread rubber makes all the difference, but this isn't the case for ascending snowdrifts. To that end, winter tires prevail. These optimize traction a step above summer tires, being ideal for sleet, snow, slush, and other cold-weather hazards.

But if you're a sport driving enthusiast or longevity-seeker, you might naturally tend toward performance tires, as they're often low-profile and improve your sports car's handling, enhance its maneuverability, and optimize traction for both wet and dry climes. They're even sometimes model-specific, the same going for luxury performance tires, for ease of pairing.

But just when you thought it was safe to decide on your options, even more variation presents. Subtypes like run-flat tires can appear in the mix. They're great for debris-ridden areas where punctures can happen, as they enable driving for short distances even when devoid of air. However, they can wear prematurely and are higher-value because of their dependability. Even special low-rolling-resistance tires can rear their heads for your consideration. These tires help with fuel economy, but at the cost of some grip because they create less friction. Plus, there's always a new tire appearing to satisfy a new driving need, so further possibilities abound.

Confused yet? No need to be! The team of service professionals that call our Duarte, CA Mitsubishi Tire Center home will be glad to answer any questions or field any concerns you have about new tires. Plus, when the time comes for a new set, whether you're equipping your new Mitsubishi or a used car, truck, or SUV, we can set you up. Just stop by and see us here at Universal Mitsubishi for a consult. We're conveniently located in the greater Los Angeles area, just a quick drive from Glendale, nearby Burbank, Pasadena, and Cerritos, here at 1125 Central Ave. in Duarte.


Choosing the Right Tires Can Take the Wind Out of You - Universal Mitsubishi is Here to Clear the Air - Universal Mitsubishi

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