Quick-Glo, Rust and Glendale Mitsubishi’s Service Center

We all know the moment of panic when we look in the mirror and see our first wrinkle, the first sign of age, the first sign that things are only going downhill from here. Thoughts of mid-life crises, of impending endings, of 401Ks. At Glendale Mitsubishi, we may not be able to fix the forehead wrinkles of the Glendale region, but we can fix those picky wrinkles on your car.

You are not the only thing that ages; your car does too. So for all the lumps and bumps that make your exterior less attractive there is our service center. And for all those minor rust issues, there is Quick-Glo.

In Jay Leno's Garage's "Get Rid of Your Rust!" episode, Quick-Glo is featured, and we are able to experience just how effective the environmentally-friendly product is at removing heavy oxidation and rust off chrome, brass, stainless and glass. Not every issue has to be a major expense; not every issue needs a service center visit penciled into your busy schedule. See what a quick scrub with this polishing crème can do and for all other issues, let us take over.

Bring your car back to life and drive towards retirement in style and youthful looks.


Quick-Glo, Rust and Glendale Mitsubishi's Service Center - Universal Mitsubishi

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