Don’t Let Car Repair Needs Hound Your End-of-Summer Trip – Stay on Schedule with Regular Maintenance

The dog days of summer can leave a sizable impression on your Mitsubishi car or SUV, and as our automaker designs and builds with longevity in mind, problems that arise from wear and tear can be hard to spot. That's why it's important to stay on top of a schedule as pertains keeping it up to performance spec. Take advantage of a few pieces of helpful service advice from our car repair experts.

Whether you're a distance traveler behind the wheel of a new Lancer sedan, piloting a Mirage hatch around Duarte, or heading into the SoCal outback in the cockpit of an Outlander sport utility, time and Mother Nature take their toll on your investment. Regularly servicing and maintaining yours, as well as having its issues promptly repaired, can mean the difference between a summer's-end road trip and spending it in the shop. What's more, any seemingly inconsequential concern can show that devil to be in the details.

Engine oil, for example, keeps powerplant components ready to work, minimizing friction and helping them last longer, and that means effective engine operation. Put off flushing and changing it, and your engine can end up clogged with carbon and varnish, resulting in performance diminution or complete shutdown. You can keep that from happening by changing engine oil about every 3,000 miles or 3 months. But not all engines are created equal, which is where your owner's manual comes in. It'll let you know the best timeframe for an oil change.

Brakes can be even trickier. You might reach your manual's mileage-based suggested factory maintenance schedule's deadline without so much as an abnormal squeak or crunch or the activation of a wear sensor. But the kind of driving you do, whether it's city commuting, cruising the highway, or taking the road less traveled, can suddenly present, bringing your travels to a screeching halt.

Brake troubles are a little more complex, too, ranging from something as simple as replenishing brake fluid to the need to replace a brake lining and everything in between. Plus, there's plenty of parts to review for operation, from rotors, wheel cylinders, hoses, and pads to calipers, bearings, and seals. Not to worry. If your owner's manual shows you due for a tire rotation service visit, it's the ideal time to get a brake diagnostic and fix.

Such is the wider point. When all else fails, you can avoid worrying about when it's best to undergo maintenance simply by following your owner's manual guidelines for each. If the going gets tough, take a look through yours, and if anything's unclear or you'd just like further info on what's entailed, our people are here to help. You're welcome to give us a call here at Universal Mitsubishi or stop by our Duarte, CA service center for a consult. It's our auto repair technicians' specialty to get the job done right, and not only do we put the latest diagnostic tools and tech to work in service of that goal but we also use only genuine Mitsubishi approved parts. It's how we strive to set ourselves apart from other local off-brand shops and garages.

Have a question or concern in the meantime? Drop us a line. You can reach us here on the Web, and as always, you're welcome to visit us here at 1125 Central Ave. We look forward to helping to put you back on the road in no time!

Don't Let Car Repair Needs Hound Your End-of-Summer Trip – Stay on Schedule with Regular Maintenance - Universal Mitsubishi

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