Mitsubishi Displays New Hatchback at Montreal Auto Show

Mitsubishi took the wraps off a new hatchback in Montreal. There's just one catch: it doesn't have a name.

At January's 2014 Montreal Auto Show, Mitsubishi unveiled an untitled, new subcompact hatchback for the first time in North America. As previously noted in this blog, we just love the cars Mitsubishi has rolled out this year.

Despite its lack of a proper name, the car is stylistically akin to the re-vamped Mirage, which made its own debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2011. It remains unclear as to whether this recently revealed hatchback will go to market bearing the Mirage name. Its blatant similarities suggest that will be the case, but we'll just have to wait and see.

If it's anything like the Mirage, then we know it'll be a fun-loving hatchback that boasts class-leading fuel economy and great value for your money.

The car is expected to arrive in Canada this fall while its U.S. date has yet to be determined. In fact, when it hits Canadian roads, it'll rank as one of Canada's most affordable and fuel efficient cars on the market.

We don't care if the car has name, we just want this car in our showroom!

At Glendale Mitsubishi, we take great pride in fitting our customers with affordable cars that provide great bang for your buck!

We are certain that'll be the case with the Japanese automaker's latest product in a great line of economical compact cars.

While we wait for the car to be named, please visit our Glendale, CA dealership to test drive a new Mitsubishi model today!


Mitsubishi Displays New Hatchback at Montreal Auto Show - Universal Mitsubishi

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