Mitsubishi and Nokia Bringing You the Future of Real-Time Traffic Alerts

We all have sat in our cars at one time or another waiting for an accident to clear up or for the construction staff to let us through. It's frustrating, right? We all sit there wishing we had known about it ahead of time in order to have taken a different route and avoid it all. Well, Mitsubishi understood your feelings and has teamed up with Nokia to bring you a solution to these annoying moments in life.

Recently, Nokia released a system called the HERE Traffic. Like most systems, this one provides road updates for the driver like construction or accidents. However, this system is different. It is able to gather its updates every 30 seconds which is ten times faster than the competition. HERE Traffic is able to do this by using HD Radio, not direct internet.

That's not all the Nokia system can do. It also can inform the driver of driving situations, weather conditions and pin point where the nearest gas station is. If that's not enough, it'll provide you the fuel prices as well.

We're sure with all of these perks you can clearly see why Mitsubishi teamed up with Nokia to help benefit drivers like the ones found in Ft Walton Beach, Pensacola, Crestview, Niceville, Destin and beyond.

If you really like the sounds of the HERE Traffic system, well you are in luck. It is currently available in five of our 2014 new Mitsubishi vehicles. Curious to see it in person? Come by Glendale Mitsubishi at 1235 South Brand Blvd., our staff looks forward to showing you around.


Mitsubishi and Nokia Bringing You the Future of Real-Time Traffic Alerts - Universal Mitsubishi

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