Who Won Mitsubishi Owner’s Day 2015?

Mitsubishi Owner's Day (MOD) west coast celebration took place earlier this month on July 11th. Ranks of cars filled up the parking lot in front of Mitsubishi Motor's Cypress, CA headquarters. While the occasional Outlander or Miragemade an appearance, the true star of the day was the inimitable Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Something about the Evo just screams for owner enthusiasm. It's natural, when you have a car so versatile and nimble over any and all driving conditions, that you get a little passionate about it.

Gearheads from across the country gathered here to see how their modified vehicles stack up against others, and enter to be named the "Best Evo" by a panel of judges.

Mitsubishi also revealed at MOD the Evo Final Edition-- a limited edition variant with beefed up stats, made to end this beloved model's run with a bang.

We'll miss you, Evo! Come visit Glendale Mitsubishi to get yours while you still can!



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