When Should You Have Your Tires Serviced?

As you drive your vehicle, the tread on your tires will inevitably wear down. This causes you to be at risk because the tread of a tire grips the road. However, the life of your tires can be prolonged by having them rotated. It is recommended to have a tire rotation every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change. By doing this, they will wear down evenly so that their traction will be even during their life span. However, tires will eventually need to be replaced with new ones. It is recommended to have this done after a certain amount of mileage or depending on your driving. You can tell if they need replacing by the total number of miles driven, uneven tire wear, something stuck in a tire, and other reasons. Anytime you need a tire rotation or a tire replacement, call our service center at Glendale Mitsubishi at your convenience, and we will be happy to assist you.


When Should You Have Your Tires Serviced? - Universal Mitsubishi

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