What Is That Bothersome “Check Engine” Light for?

Once in a while, you might see a light on your dashboard come on. It says "Check Engine, " and it shows a little icon of a car's motor. That is an indication that there is something wrong with one of your engine's systems. If it suddenly comes on while you are driving, the best thing to do is find a safe place to pull over. Check your gas cap. The light will sometimes go on if your gas cap does not get screwed on properly. If the check engine light isn’t seeming to go off after a few more miles, see our dealership so an authorized service technician can inspect your vehicle. Don't panic. It doesn't mean hundreds of dollars in repairs automatically. The technician may plug a small tablet into a plug under your dashboard. It will give the technician a code, and that code will tell the technician what the problem is, usually.

It's likely not a major issue, and probably one that can get cleared up with just a little work or adjustments. If you are undergoing this issue with your check engine light, please call us at Glendale Mitsubishi in Glendale, CA, and make an appointment for your vehicle.


What Is That Bothersome "Check Engine" Light for? - Universal Mitsubishi

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