Difference Between a Windshield Ding and Crack

At some point in your driving life you may run into dealing with damage to your car's windshield. This usually comes in the form of a ding or a crack, and it's important to know the difference amongst the two and how to deal with each one.

A ding is essentially a small dent in the glass. A ding doesn't go all the way through and can get repaired easily by putting a small amount of resin in the ding that will bond to the glass and strengthen it.

A crack usually goes all the way through the glass and often isn't repairable, in which case you must have your windshield replaced. It also is a much bigger safety hazard because it can weaken your windshield and cause it to shatter more easily.

If you have damage to your windshield, bring your car into our dealership's service center at Glendale Mitsubishi in Glendale, CA, to get it evaluated and repaired.


Difference Between a Windshield Ding and Crack - Universal Mitsubishi

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