Mitsubishi Focuses on Safety Before the Big Game

While other big brands are scurrying to spend millions of dollars on a few seconds of ad time, Mitsubishi knows what Sunday's big game is really about:The people.
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Mitsubishi Puts a Sporty Twist on Green Technology

The 2014 Paris Motor Show was as impressive as ever and as the world's largest auto show of its kind, it has an awful lot to live up to each year. This time around, our brand decided to roll out one of the most stylish and technologically advanced SUVs we've ever seen. It's known as the Outlander PHEV Concept-S and from our perspective, going green has never looked so good.
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Go Anywhere You Want Behind the Wheel of a Mitsubishi Outlander

Here in Glendale, CA we don't really have to deal with the type of winter commuting that drivers in other parts of the country do. In fact, we don't even get a lot of rain. But that doesn't mean that the rugged Mitsubishi Outlander doesn't come in handy.
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