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If you have not yet considered a Mitsubishi car, you’re going to want to start. If you have thought about a Mitsubishi in the past but ultimately passed up the opportunity to drive one, you’re going to want to reconsider. The reason why we’re making these arguments is pretty straightforward, and it has one name: Mirage G4. The new Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is a sedan that will appeal to Glendale drivers, and probably to Californians broadly, because of this vehicle’s dual-threat of affordability and durability. Designed to be your daily, go-to vehicle for everything from running errands to highway driving, the Mirage G4 has a unique 3-cylinder engine that is incredibly efficient. The lightweight construction of the car is another of the many attributes that contributeto it having impressive fuel economy. However, the performance capabilities of the Mirage G4 on the open road are more than sufficient to satisfy drivers who crave horsepower. What else is great about this Mitsubishi sedan is its agile, responsive handling. Negotiating traffic in the Los Angeles area in a new Mirage G4 is a breeze because of how ably this car moves out of tight spaces. Test drive a Mirage G4 at Glendale Mitsubishi today to see why this affordable sedan just might be the right vehicle for you!


View our Inventory of Mirage G4 Sedans in Glendale! - Universal Mitsubishi

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